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You are also attracted to people who really considers your feelings and needs. You attract lively and tenacious people, people who are fun loving and natural smooth talkers. Rising is Aries. Scorpio: You partner will choose you because they want to really feel love. Your rising is Taurus. You are attracted to passionate people, who never do anything to make you feel jealous and concerned unstable in your relationship.

You attract strong minded individuals. You fall in love very hard and crave the same in return. Sagittarius: You are attracted to people you can talk on another level with; whether this is a deep talk or an intelligent conversation, In fact, you value the conversations over anything else. You attract people with hell of a will power. You attract people you are blunt and not co-dependant. Your Rising is Gemini, so you also think a physical connection is important, and will attract partners who feel the same.

Capricorn: You have a very emotional and sensitive rising sign; Cancer. You are attracted to people who value family and get along with yours no matter what your relationship with them is. You attract people who have a huge sense of humour and love to be safe and feel secure. Aquarius: You are attracted to people who challenge and attract people who are full on and intense. You fall in love with people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and love very openly and publicly.

The people who want you tend to be wanted and are fairly dependant on you to make them feel good. You also attract very understanding people. Rising in Leo. Lesson It also directly rules food and clothing. I have seen two cases of professional designers who had Ceres aspecting Pallas which rules the ability to see patterns.

Ceres in the Signs shows our nurturing style and the types of things that make us feel nurtured. Ceres in the Houses shows where we are most likely to express our nurturing side and also where we can best receive nurturing.

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To find out more about Ceres and the other asteroids, the best book available is Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George. Ceres in the Signs: Ceres in Aries: is nurtured by action and physical activity. What kind of action? Any kind.


Aries isn't that particular as long as it's moving. If you have this placement, you are less likely to nurture others by being cuddly. More likely, you will take them on some strenuous activity.

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If you have children with this placement, they may require fewer hugs and more mutual activities with you. Ceres in Taurus: Want to nurture someone with this placement? A lot. These folks will also feel nurtured if you massage their shoulders and the back of their necks Hard, and for a long time.


Ceres in Gemini: Let's talk. Or write. Any sort of communication will make a Ceres in Gemini person feel nurtured. Gemini is also the sign of variety and short trips. Travel and doing several little tasks at once are other things that will bring up that nurtured feeling when Ceres is in Gemini. Ceres in Cancer: These people feel nurtured around the home. Hugs definitely can work here. So can housework.

They want to be mothered and are good at mothering in turn. The negative side is they may get the "Cancer Crazies" when they feel a need for nurturing, the "Nobody loves me, nobody cares about me, and I'm going to die in the poorhouse" syndrome. In that case, just tease them like crazy. It will shock them out of it. Ceres in Leo: Attention, respect, and admiration will make this one feel nurtured.

Put on a show for their benefit. Better yet, make them a participant. Leo's motto is "Nothing but the best. If you want to go via a cheaper route to satisfy someone with this placement, do something to make them the center of attention and admiration.

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Ceres in Virgo: Put them to work, especially detailed work. Sometimes Ceres in Virgo people will try to nurture you by criticizing you. Don't let them get away with it. However, they can also feel nurtured if you give them a highly detailed criticism. This is OK in moderation, but don't let yourself get carried away.

If you are a parent with a Ceres in Virgo child, always give them work to do around the houseor even in your business! Ceres in Libra: These people are nurtured by beauty. And Libra, remember, is always impressed by the small, subtle things that show you care. Good manners and a tasteful, balanced appearance will work wonders here. They will also tend to nurture others in the same way, with small, tasteful touches.

Ceres in Scorpio: Ceres in Scorpio people tend to feel nurtured through sex.

They could also make their sexual partners feel nurtured. This is wonderful if you are dating them, but more of a problem if the person with this placement happens to be your child. Contact with anything deep, mysterious, or transforming will also bring up that nurtured feeling. Those with this placement would probably assuming no severe afflictions to Ceres in their chart feel nurtured if they visited Pompeii or some other archeological ruin. Probably, Ceres in Scorpio would be a good placement for a doctor or heath care professional because Scorpio rules healing and they could make their patients feel nurtured during the therapeutic process.

Ceres in Sagittarius: My Ceres is here. Knowledge, wisdom, and adventure are the nurturers here. This placement can make you feel nurtured while on long journeys. If you are intellectually inclined, you could get that nurturing feeling through giving advice to people or by teaching or instructing them in some way. Reading about abstract philosophical topics could have the same effect. You can also make other people feel nurtured or inspired by giving them advice or instruction.

Ceres in Capricorn: Feeling organized and in control makes this one feel nurtured. Since Saturn, which has the effect of reducing things, rules Capricorn, the early nurturing received was probably, well, wanting. Even if the family happened to be wealthy, the parents could have been cold, withdrawn, or believed in giving strict discipline to the children in order to keep them from being "spoiled.

Try to get them to lighten up a bit. Ceres in Aquarius: If it's weird, someone with Ceres in Aquarius will be likely to find it nurturing. Being with friends would also be a nurturing experience, and the friends, in turn, will probably feel nurtured. However, the early nurturing received was most likely erratic.

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When mommy isn't there when the child is crying, the kid has to eventually cut off from the feelings of abandonment. Eventually, the child grows up, starts dating, and, when they really like somebody, up comes the feeling "I need you. The negative side of Ceres in Aquarius is that it tends to have contact difficulties in intimate relationships. Ceres in Pisces: Imagination and fantasy are the keywords here. Ceres in Pisces folks are nurtured by anything imaginative. Being near the sea, hearing the sound of the surf, and smelling the salt air will also do the trick.

When you are in a down mood and need someone to listen to your troubles, to lend an uncritical and sympathetic ear, find a person with Ceres in Pisces. Ceres in the Houses: Ceres in the First House: People will always be mistaking you for their mother, even if you are a guy. That's because Ceres in the 1st house people just seem to be nurturing.

This effect is lessened if Ceres is located more towards the end of the house, or in a different sign from the Ascendant. There can be a problem if you happen to have a lot of planets in Gemini, like a friend of mine. She would rather talk than nurture, but emotionally needy people gravitate towards her constantly.

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Ceres in the Second House: If well aspected, your physical nurturing needs will always be provided. And you will tend to nurture others in the same way. And nothing makes you feel more nurtured than a large bank balance and a full refrigerator. Ceres in the Third House: Nurturing could have been provided for you by brothers and sisters, or even neighbors.

Conversely, you could have been the one nurturing them. Your words tend to be nurturing. This could be a good placement for a therapist or counselor. Ceres in the Fourth House: Being home nurtures you, and there is a tendency to nurture anyone and everyone in your home. It's as simple as that. But you could also feel nurtured by the homes in general, so this is a good placement for dealing in domestic real estate. Ceres in the Fifth House: The tendency with this placement is to feel nurtured by fun, sports, games, romance, children, gambling and speculation, you name it. Any form of excitement will do.

There will likely be a need to feel nurtured by romantic partners, and, conversely, to nurture them. Be careful, though, about getting a nurturing feeling through gambling. Ceres in the Sixth House: Work could easily give you that nurturing feeling. People with this placement would either tend to nurture co-workers or feel nurtured by them. This placement can also feel nurtured by doctors and other health care workers.

Ceres in the Seventh House: This placement would either tend to nurture partners both marital and business or attract partners who nurture them. Strive for a balance if you have this one, otherwise either you or they will be doing all the work, and that could eventually cause resentment. Ceres in the Eighth House: You poor thing. You need sex to feel nurtured. Oh well, we each have our cross to bear.

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Carry on and I'm sure you will. Actually, you might also nurture your partner with this one. The 8th house also rules other things besides sex. This placement is also good for nurturing people who are undergoing a process of rehabilitation. Demetra George points out in her excellent book Asteroid Goddesses that Ceres in the 8th house might also be found in the horoscopes of those who work in a hospice providing nurturing to those who are dying. Ceres in the Ninth House: You would tend to feel nurtured by taking long trips, either physically or mentally.

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Travel will do it, but so could study and discussion of religious or philosophical matters. Ceres in the Tenth House: Well, this placement can make you popular even if you don't want to be. As soon as you set foot in public, people will start coming to you for nurturing. Not in private, thankfully. At least you will be safe in private. Even the boss could come to you for this or you might have a tendency to nurture the boss. Conversely, you could tend to attract bosses who like to nurture you hopefully with constant raises. You could also be attracted to careers ruled by Ceres, namely anything connected with food or clothing.