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Add a review Tell us your experience with Horoscope - Yes I can change 3. It is based on a secret book of Indian Astrology which is being passed on from many years now. Many renowned Indian astrologers follow it.

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Continue to app Rating:. It also provides easy to follow Click stars to rate this APP! Newsletter Submit. Free Trial Continue to app. Gurudev G. Publisher: Gurudev G. All rights reserved. This helped him to sharpen his analytical skills and helped him to do research in certain areas like inter-caste marriage in a particular Lagna Ascendant and various other permutations and combinations.

Mr Anand discovered that a positive atmosphere brings out the best in us. This is due to the fact that positive atmosphere makes us think properly and enabling us to give potent results. He arrived at a point that with Vastu we are not changing our destiny.

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Man is governed within the frame work of an individual horoscope. Negativity can be reduced by proper construction and selection of a house. This happen because we all have a conscious and subconscious mind. Therefore when we see mandarin doves, our subconscious mind recognizes them as nature most loveable pair as they always move in pair and stick together for a long time.

Because in Fengshui everything in pair is considered good and auspicious. When we look at the pair of doves our subconscious mind recognizes what they stand for.

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This enables us to overcome our short comings and enjoy the bliss of happy married life.. His unique style of treating disease has profound effect on the body and one gets vitality for a long time. The only lacuna was that he was not getting very good results in Horary and the period that he was predicting was a long period ranging between two to three months.

To fine tune the results he was on the lookout of a science which could further help him to narrow down to a short period of prediction and one day he found a Science which could do this that was Krishnamurti Padhdhati KP Astrology. This Science made him to arrive at the exact day and moment of the happening of the event.

He got this science from the inventor Prof. Krishnamurti son Prof. Hariharan directly and was conferred the title of K. Hora Ratna by the former i.

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Hariharan himself who is Director of K. Stellar Astrological Research institute, Chennai. This achievement is a milestone in Mr.

Anand career and helping him to help the mankind on large scale. Later on to finetune this Science, he had acquired further knowledge from Mr.

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Based on above principles, Mr Anand gives predictions by clubbing Indian horoscope of individual with Vastu and Fengshui of his home. The outcome is brilliant making him one of best Astrologer in his field by enabling a native to get success in all his ventures.

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He is an Astrologer who combines the benefits of Astrology, Vastu and Fengshui for a tension free life. He is also on panel of www. He believes that happiness and related symptoms start from the first stage that is when a plot is bought; therefore complete caution should be practiced so that one can live in harmony with nature. I am really amazed by the judgement regarding my son which you gave about him after rectifying his Birth details.